Stuffed Animal Hammocks – DIY

        I’ve had quite a few people ask about my stuffed animal hammocks, so I thought I would share how I made them. They are super simple to make and the materials required are very cheap!


  • Fabric or tulle length depends on size wanted

Smaller size uses 48″ of fabric-finished hammock from knot to knot is 24″

Larger one uses 2yds of fabric-finished hammock from knot to knot is 42″

  • 2 picture hanging nails
  • (optional) Ribbon for bows on either side

Measure and cut tulle or fabric. (If using fabric, I would recommend hemming both sides before knotting to prevent fraying or a rough edge)

 Scrunch, twist and knot each end of the tulle or fabric.


Make sure when attaching the hammock to the wall that you put the nail through the knot. It hides the nail, and keeps the fabric from ripping. 🙂 I used wall anchors to hang the large hammock.

Once you have it hung, pull part of the hammock up against the wall. I found it easiest to put the animals in evenly to start. You can really cram them in once you get it started! I was surprised how many animals I managed to fit in the large one! 😀

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